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World Music Web

The only web presence provider totally focused on the Musical Instrument Retailer:

We offer you
Web Presence and E-Commerce Solutions

We can create web sites from 3 page Quick Sites
Multiple page sites with online inventory and shopping cart
(200 to 30,000+ items)
Our Pricing Starts at
just $149.00 for quick sites (3 pages)

Partial or Full Web Site Management

Our web hosting is only $23.95 per month with up to 10 megs of space (approx 200 Pictures and 300 pages) on our pentiumII-450 systems, 500 meg ram, with redundant OC12 connectivity, backbone providers UUNET and Sprint, ultra stable UNIX operating system with Apache server.

Put your inventory (up to 200 items) up on the web via our Inventory/Classified program (only dealers can post)

Our Auction is only Musical Instruments and Associated Products

Full Access to our Password Protected Dealer Area

Have a Site but don't want to move?
Link program with full access to services

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Our Web Hosting offers you:

1. Your Web Pages Accessible to the Entire World

This is your site to promote and advertise as you choose.

2. Membership in the World Music Web

The World Music Web Home Website
Looker and Shopper area
is accessible by everyone in the world with a computer and has:

1. A searchable Retail Database Listing of your retail store by name, category, state, city, phone, type of products and services offered.
When they find you in our listing, one click and they arrive at your site.
2.  A classified advertising section for you to post products you wish to sell to consumers. Only World Music Web members may post but everyone in the world can buy. This is and will be highly promoted throughout the entire web and entire music consumer community.
3. A special promotions, events, general public interest, content area which we would invite you to contribute to.
4. Auction area.
5. The World Music Web has no interest in the retail customer other than to attract hundreds of thousands to you
r web site.

We are in the process of  promoting the World Music Web home site aggressively and are receiving over 500,000 hits.

New areas will be added as we expand our presence based on feedback from you.

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3. Password Protected Dealer Area has:
1. Industry Newsroom
2. Free E- Mail
3. Dealer Only newsgroup posting forum. You can post questions,marketing ideas and trends, discuss business and any other topics of interest. This allows all our member retailers to see and read, and receieve replies. This ongoing discussion is a searchable database indexed in chronological order.
4. Dealer only chatroom for live, real time communication.
5.  No manufacturer advertising of any kind. This is not a forum for pitching products. Our database and your information will NEVER be shared with anyone.
6. Shopping Cart for your site available
7. On-Line credit card processing available
8. FTP Access/Redundant OC12 connectivity/Front Page Extensions
9. The World Music Web site contains a Consumer Area with a searchable database   containing your listing.
10. The World Music Web is committed to promoting the music industry retailer and will focus all its efforts on increasing consumer awareness of its members, as well as the industry as a whole.

In order to have your web pages available to be viewed by anyone on the web, you must have a registered domain name, a host for your domain, and a web page or pages which contain the information that you want people to see.

We are not an internet access provider.

We are a members only HOSTING Provider focusing on the retail music industry and will host your site on our server. You are not a sub-domain of anyone. People find you with your domain name ( By us hosting your site you are automatically a member of the World Music Web. You must be a musical instrument retailer with a store front location, stocking products for sale to consumers.


I don't have a domain name: You need to go to (formerly and find and register a domain name. They charge $70.00 for 2 years and then $35.00 a year after that. For us to do it we'll add $10.00. ($70+$10=$80).

I have a domain name registered but no site yet: We will move the registration to our server at no charge. You need to make your own website and FTP it up to our server. We can also make you a web site starting at $149.00 for 3 pages.

I have a site up now: We will inform and change your host information to us and you move your site.

How much space do I get for my site: The average text page is 4k, the average picture is 20k to 40k. You can get a lot of info into 10 megs. If you need more than that we can provide it for you.

I don't have a web site, my friend has been making me one for the last year or so...its not's half finished... etc. etc.:We want you up and running immediately. We have a number of quick site setups that can have you online in less than 2 weeks. These include a logo, body text, links, and a number of pictures. These quick sites start at only $149.00. There is no easier way to get online NOW!!!

Even if you want us to finish you half done site, we can .

Our graphic designers can also create custom sites starting at $69.00 per page or
ultra deluxe custom sites that are by quote only.

To recap.......

You are a music retailer........................... We are the music industry Host
You need to have a host for your web site......
We are the music industry Host
You need a web site.................................
We can get you a web site NOW!
With other hosting services, all of which host anyone with a site, simple hosting can run $50, $75, $100+a month and they offer no services........
We are the music industry HOST
Only $23.95 per month
for our vast array of services designed exclusively for you, the music retailer.

Do it Today!!!

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