The Big Giveaway!

Brought to you by our friends at
Istanbul Handmade Turkish Cymbals


Istanbul Hi-Hat Cymbal Set
Sultan Model.

If you are a drummer, you probably have been licking your chops for a set of Istanbul 14" Hi-Hats.
Well now is your chance to own a set for FREE.

These are the finest Cymbals in theWorld. Hand Made at the Istanbul factory in Turkey.The sound that comes out of these is just INCREDIBLE!

Go to the bottom of this page for Rules and Signup information. Good Luck.

Thanks to our good Friends at
Istanbul for this super Giveaway.


The Giveaway Rules and Information! Here is what you need to do to enter the drawing.

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  • Find three cymbals with yellow letters on our site. They will look like this but there will be a letter on them. Remember those letters!

(this is not one of them)

  • Fill out the entry form. You must fill out the form completely. You will need the name and phone number of your favorite music store and the three letters you found. Put the three letters you found in the box labled "Letters Needed to Win" (they can be in any order). Please make sure you enter your email address correctly as that is how we will contact you if your name is drawn.

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